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Our enterprise name is Specsystems. Its Research and production enterprise. We are situate in Russia, near Moscow city. We have been working more than 10 years. We produce the fire alarm systems for ships, trains and for explosive dangerous industrial objects. We made systems for many famous Russian Shipping companies, for Turkish ships (Vassilev Maritime company), for Virgin islands ship. We mounted our system for Russian presidents railways coach.
Our main product is the fire thermal multipoints (thermocable) explosive security detector 102-2x2 (IP 102-2x2). The detector provides the protection of chemical, wood re-making, metallurgy, oil and gas industry, its used also in food industry: oil-grease industrial complexes, breweries, elevators and so on.
Its in a good demand in Russia. We mounted it for many industrial objects and for big and famous industrial objects in Russia, for example, for the TV centre Ostankino in Moscow and for the Moscow Metro.
In Europe for this kind of objects they mount American Protectorwier alarm. It reacts to the determinate maximum temperature, the height of object mast be not more than 9 m, its possibly to use only one time. Our detector reacts to the rate of temperature increase, its possibly to use in height about 20 m objects, it whole has explosive security cover and the fire is not dangerous for it, our detector is more cheaper. It has a medal from the International exhibition (it was in Moscow) for the best technical decision.
Our production is certificated in Russia and we will certificate it in European standards in a close future.


Contact: 170037 Russia, Tver, Pobedy prospekt, 71-B, tel/fax: (4822) 327-632, 327-187 info@specsystem.ru